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Vintage Bottle of Rosé

Vintage Bottle of Rosé

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Vintage. Aged. Heavily-sampled. Destroyed... Deflated... Call it what you want, just add it to your cart before they're all gone!

Product Details: 

  • I was inspired to customize this piece because I once overheard mommy's friend say that the older the wine, the better, and I had to find out if that was really true. 
  • I can guarantee that this rosé is old and the flavors are definitely... complex. 

*************** IMPORTANT NOTICE ***************

Please note that while this is a fake product listing in Smudge's make-believe store, you can still add this product to your cart. If you actually purchase this item, you will receive a Smujy Shop sticker (see product photos) instead of the "treasure" that Smudge has listed for sale.  

Sticker Size: 2.36" w x 3" h


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