Ohaiii new best friend! I'm Stevie and the dummy in my mouth is my little sister, Smudge. We are the inspiration behind this shop!

Our mom says that we're also responsible for any order processing delays! We don't know what that means, but it sounds important! ðŸ’Đ


    Chief Inspiration Officer

    Pronouns: she/her/turd

    Nicknames: Stevie Weevie, Weevy, Q-Tip

    Birthday: October 20

    Personality: Everyone's friend

    Favorite Toys: Bubbles, balls, and her K9 Kannon ball launcher

    Favorite Word/Place: Outside

    Toxic Trait: Greets everyone with her butt

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    Drama Queen, Aspiring Reality TV Star, Retired Skateboarder

    Pronouns: she/her/turd

    Nicknames: Smudgey Wudgey

    Birthday: December 7

    Personality: None of your business

    Favorite Toy: Whatever Stevie is playing with

    Special Skills: Dropping Smudge bombs

    Toxic Trait: Loves to kiss on the first date

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