sMuJYs tReasure empOrium~

OHAIII there nosy fren, you clicked all the links and found my secret shop!

I am S-M-U-J, the paw-veyor of Smujy's Treasure Emporium.

Here at SmuJy's, we specialize in giving gently used toys and trash, I mean trinkets, a chance to be loved by YOU.

I go out and collect stuffs (secretly) from around my house EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. so you don't have to! It is a dangerous job and I will get in big trouble if my mommy or Stevie find out, but I do it to bring you amazing finds that u can't get anywhere else.

I have a big inventory, but I can only update our listings when my Mommy is sleeping, so please remember to check back frequently!